Google & new technologies.

“Googles self-driving cars have absolutely nothing to do with Google’s core business, and Google has never even tried to explain how they’re going to make money. They push technology forward. They could make peoples lives better in real, tangible ways” (Rosoff, 2012). Even though the concept of self-driven cars is proposed by many people in the past, nobody has shown the courage to develop technologies needed for such cars. It should be noted that no prominent automobile companies came forward with a self-driven car yet even though they are spending billions of dollars for the development of environmental-friendly vehicles. Google, on the other hand, thought differently and introduced the world’s first self-driven car recently.

There are plenty of physically handicapped people in this world who are unable to drive their vehicles. Self-driven vehicles would definitely help such people immensely. It is difficult for such people to rely on the services of drivers all the time. For example, if the driver is not staying with them, it is difficult for them to go to the hospital or any other places in nights or in emergency situations. Google’s self-driven cars may provide a perfect answer to the problems of physically handicapped people.

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Google & new technologies.
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Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the major reasons for road accidents. Self-Driven vehicles may help binge drinkers to reach their home safely. Even innocent people may lose their lives because of the crazy driving of others under the influence of alcohol. Such accidents can be eliminated considerably while using self-driven cars as proposed by Google.

The second advantage of self-driven cars is the reduced incidents of accidents. Since self-driven cars are operated or driven by the machines, man-made errors may not cause any accidents while travelling in such vehicles. It should be noted that a substantial portion of vehicle accidents is taking place because of careless driving. Self-driven vehicles do not need the supervision of the human and hence the possibility of mistakes is very less.&nbsp.

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