Goose island company (brief discriotion of the organization

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on goose island company (brief discriotion of the organization). Goose Island Company Goose island Brewery is located in Chacago, Illinois. It was initially known as Clybourn and was opened by John Hall in May 1988. However, the larger brewery was opened in 1995 and produces different varieties of beer. Honkers Ale and the 312 Urban wheat are the best brands of beer produced by the Goose Island Company. The company also produces different types of soda like Grape soda and Orange Cream. A large share of the company was sold to Widmer Brothers Brewery in 2006 enabling it to expand its activities, as its capital base was heavily boosted (Lopes and Casson 78). Its products are sold across the United States and in the United Kingdom. The company has been expanding with time owing to the rising market trends as it continues to venture into new markets.

Goose Island company operates in the alcoholic beverage manufacturing industry and has managed to acquire a fair share of the market. This industry includes products like ale, beer, distilled spirits and wine. There are major players in this industry like the Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc, Boulevard Brewing Co. and Harpoon Breweries. They have loyal clients and have been in the industry for a long period of time. Competing against them is therefore not easy as they have a wider capital base that they utilize when it comes to product promotion and strategic planning (Fogarty 34). However, Goose Island company is trying its best to build its customer base in order to compete with such big market players. When the company was partly sold to the Widmer Brothers Brewery in 2006, there was public outcry that the taste of the beer was going to be interfered with. The loyal clients were very furious with the management, as they did not want any form of alteration in the taste of the beer. The reason why they opted for external financiers from Belgium was that the local financiers wanted to gain full control of the company but the management was not for this. This is why they had to settle for Widmer Brothers Brewery for additional capital (Xin and Buccola 45).

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Goose island company (brief discriotion of the organization
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All the manufacturing is done in Chicago even after the part acquisition of the firm. The management and key decision-making personnel are all based in Illinois. Chicago just like it was before. Their philosophy is grounded on building their brands and increasing the sales volume. The company has over 120 employees based in Chicago that are highly motivated and focused in achieving the organizational objectives. Currently the organization is growing and is even expanding to new areas, conquering new markets. It recruits qualified personnel and trains them in order to be able to serve the firm as required. Ringold (54) says that the employees are well remunerated and are often rewarded whenever they perform exceptionally at work.

The shareholders, employees, and management are often involved in key decision-making processes. They are often consulted and their opinions collected on matters that are of strategic importance to the company. Such information is indispensable to the company because it is often used in improving efficiency and the performance of the company in general. Through surveys, the company often collects feedback from the clients and studies the market trends in order to give the clients what they want at affordable prices. These are the strategies that have helped Goose Island Company to remain competitive in the market and capture new market territories.

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