Governments position towards legalization of marijuana.

These positive attributes include medical value and recreational use. Most of the Americans who use marijuana do so because they have made deliberate and conscious decisions to use it. Facts show that most of these American prefer using marijuana as a way of relaxing (Morgan 27). They say that it serves them better than when they use alcohol. There are many others who use it as a way of relieving pain and spasticity. These are individuals who have tried the conventional medicines, but the modern medicines have not served them. Most of the users of marijuana say that they have made an observation that it has a low dependence liability and that it has got minimal side effects which are easy to manage (Kenworthy 29). therefore, it makes sense to make that drug legal (Varney 4). Those who use marijuana for a significant amount of time develop a tolerance for its side effects. In case some of these people fail to develop this tolerance, they opt to stop using the drug. Most of the Americans who use marijuana have a truly informed consent before making a decision to use the drug. This is because they consider that using marijuana has more benefits compared to the risks of using the same drug. Marijuana can support many vital government programs if it is taxed (Kenworthy 29). This is because the drug is extremely expensive, at the moment, for the American justice system. When the law enforcing agents arrest about 800,000 Americans per year because of either using or possessing the drug, they forego there are beneficial programs in order to do this (Turnlund 19). All these individuals are then taken to court, and it takes a lot of time before all these cases can be disposed. This is what it means to say that the use of marijuana is too expensive to the American justice system (Morgan 27). All these people cause the American jail to be clogged, and jail space is wasted.

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 Governments position towards legalization of marijuana.
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