Grooming centre and salon.

Write a 1 page paper on develop a product: grooming centre and salon. There are many schools and universities in each state of the United States however, only a few are offering specialized health and grooming services to their students. On the other hand, awareness of youngsters is increasing when it comes to talking about health and beauty. The number of teenagers in the US will grow to 35 million by 2010 and teenagers will spend an average of $80 per week on themselves (The University of Georgia BOS/SBDC Applied Research Division). More and more companies are entering into this industry, however, none of them is targeting the youngsters. Therefore, starting a private health and beauty spot targeting educational institutes in California seems to be a very feasible option. California is the centre of various top educational institutes (Utexas, 2010). By starting a health and beauty spot for students, the significant number of universities and schools can be attracted because of the higher competition among schools in California.

Features of Grooming Centre

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Grooming centre and salon.
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Our centre will offer membership packages to schools, universities and colleges at discounted rates. When a university will become a member of our Salon, the students of that university will be able to take our services at very cheap rates. Grooming Centre and Salon aim to expand its business by getting more and more educational institutes as its members. This business will be a unique service-oriented idea because it will solely target students. Through Grooming Centre services, it is aimed to improve the lifestyle of students. Actually beauty, health medical and wellness were different industries (Robert). Robert also highlighted that 48 per cent of the clients visiting salons and beauty clinics are below 35. However, through this new company, I aim to offer these services under one roof to the youngsters.

The core services that will be offered include:

Full Makeover packages

Skin and body treatments

Aerobics classes

Beauty therapies

Short grooming courses

Workshops in schools, colleges and universities

The Service Concept&nbsp.

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