Growing up in Oman. 

Human resource department ensures that there are enough workers in the organization and that all workers are comfortable with their working conditions. It involves a lot of interaction between the human resource management personnel and the workforce, poor relations between these two groups is risky for the company’s output. With the ability Juhaina has to relate to new people, she has the perfect qualifications in this field.

Juhaina is gifted in multiple fields and an ambitious person. She has great aspirations personally, and career-wise. She started to shine since she was young. she undertook her high school education in Oman where her performance was excellent. Due to the latter, she got a government scholarship, which she admits boosted her morale to study. When asked how growing up in Oman treated her, she states that the challenges she faced growing up shaped the person she is today.

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 Growing up in Oman. 
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Oman is a secluded country whereby most Westerners have no idea of its location. It is adjacent to the Gulf of Oman on the Eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Despite its seclusion, it is among the most receptive part of the Arabian Peninsula. It has beautiful beaches and varying scenery that attract tourists who know about it. Juhaina confirms this by stating that growing up in Oman is among the most wonderful things in her life. She admits that at times she is nostalgic and misses the sound of the waves and seagulls as she wakes up. Oman, as she continues to state, is persistent in preserving its culture despite welcoming the Western culture. She quotes a phrase from about Oman, which states that “Oman overflows with riches to tantalize the international traveler complete with rugged mountains, unspoiled beaches, exotic castles, vast deserts, and the friendliest people in the Middle East.

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