Happy Days.

Need help with my writing homework on Happy Days. Write a 250 word paper answering; America’s Happy 50s It is undeniable that 1950’s were arguably happy moments for America. The 50s marked an end to a prolonged war and unrest. Whereas the World War II period was marked by instability, political unrest, economic crisis and familial issues, the 50s brought in a new dispensation of relaxed mood, economic growth, technological advancement, and general peace of mind. Indeed, the Americans began to enjoy better living conditions, better wages, and became the first beneficiaries of new technologies. The 50s benefited many Americans, encouraged family, and societal bonding. Additionally, the improved economic conditions catapulted many Americans from low class to medium income earners. Most families could afford a car, and top of range products such as fridges, televisions among others. It is also worth noting that 50s marked an era of tremendous growth in the housing industry as well as transport infrastructure and networks. The increased number of affordable houses and high quality road networks made life easy for Americans. On a different note, entertainment became entrenched in people’s lives hence improving social life for Americans. Most significantly, Americans were enjoying high quality of life compared to many countries in the world. This made Americans feel at the epitome of the world.

However, not everybody enjoyed the happy moments. An appreciable portion of Americans was already on their old age and had suffered the aftermath of World War II making it difficult for them to enjoy the 50s. Additionally, political critics and conservatists spent more time critiquing the government instead of taking advantage of the overwhelming opportunities present during that time. Left behind were the uneducated citizens, and African Americans who could not fit in the job market. Without a good source of livelihood, such groups could not enjoy the benefits of 1950 era. However, the 50s was by general means, good moment for America.

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