Harry potter Community.

Fantasy and illusion may hide these realities but they exist and I know that for sure. Perhaps this is the reason why I see myself in him. Why I am comfortable and at ease to write about this as my discourse community. I can identify with him and his world.

If it weren’t for the timely response of the nephew, Harry, a person listening in on the conversation would not have known of the reason why that day was considered by Mr. Vernon as the best day of the week.

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Harry potter Community.
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So what if there is no post on Sundays? The family does not like receiving letters? Are they angry at the postman? – These are just some of the questions that the listener to the conversation would ask. The truth is, the reason goes deeper and is even uglier than the answers to these simple, innocent and trivial questions.

Mr. Vernon likes receiving letters for that meant that people liked him well enough to write to him. He feels important when he receives letters. When he found out that his nephew, a “nobody” and a person who just eats scraps from his table and wears his old oversized clothes were receiving letters that angered him. How could a “nobody” be more important than him? Because of his mounting anger, he took to getting the letters addressed to the nephew from the postman and burning them. A tedious task for he had to wait for the postman. He has been doing this for a week now and he truly felt relieved that he would not be doing it again that day.

On this day, the nephew was standing near the window awaiting orders as if he was a footman. He was not allowed to sit on the chairs in the living room. A privilege enjoyed only by the immediate family. This unspoken rule was meant to show hierarchies in the household. When the conversation began it was just between the immediate family.

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