HCM427-0801A-01 Human Resource Management in Health Care.

Need help with my writing homework on HCM427-0801A-01 Human Resource Management in Health Care. Write a 500 word paper answering; Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy (OT) is a generalist field with a number of specialty areas. The core concepts of the profession bind OT practitioners together and provide a unique professional identity, regardless of practice setting. Nevertheless, within practice settings and specialty areas there are varying representations of occupational therapy practice and different aspects of the OT process may take priority

To apply for license as an occupational therapist in New Jersey, it is necessary to complete the requirements provided by New Jersey Occupational Therapist Advisory Council. The checklist includes passport type photograph, payment of nonrefundable fee of $100.00, Criminal History Background Check, official transcript of records and NBCOT. Aside from this, the applicant for occupational therapy should have completed 24 weeks of supervisory role while 12 weeks are required for occupational therapy assistants.

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HCM427-0801A-01 Human Resource Management in Health Care.
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aims to improve a person’s productivity and usefulness in spite of any physical dysfunction. On a personal note, physical therapy is beneficial for people who underwent surgery, stroke or any other medical disorders and would want to be able to do their activities of daily living with minimal supervision and maximum adaptation to their current condition.

The requirements for licensure are similar to the requirements in Occupational Therapy namely payment of application fees, submission of official transcript of records, completed application form, Criminal History Background Check and licensure examinations.


To apply for licensure it is necessary to pass documentations such as an endorsement letter written by New Jersey Board of Nursing, payment of application fee worth $75 and licensing fee of $65 and submission of licensure verification from the state or country where he or she is currently licensed.


Application for license to work as a dentist in New Jersey, official transcript of records must be submitted to American Dental Association as well as CHBC wherein the results may take awhile. It is highly advisable to starting securing these permits and records first. There are two fees to be paid, application fee of $125 and a registration fee later on.


Hopkins, H., & Tiffany, E. (1988). Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy (7th ed., pp. 93-101). Philadelphia: Lippincott.


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