Health Care Leadership.

A- Preliminary Questions:

1. Kevin as a person is a very nice guy who cares not only the patients, but also the staff and colleagues working in the hospital. He sets his personality as an example for others by working honestly. He keeps a very high bar of integrity and works as a team member by respecting everyone, hearing others, remaining unbiased and providing reliance to staff in their job activities. He ensures that every task is done at optimal levels without any flaws.

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2. Kevin as a manager has certain flaws among which the most frequent is his inability to communicate in terms of clear vision, conveying strategy formulated, getting feedback and identifying priorities with staff. Also, he lacks trust over abilities of others and does not allow them to take risks or work freely and therefore actually performs their job instead of letting them work. He also lacks identifying future opportunities and ideas to improve the business process.

3. After comparison of Kevin’s strengths and areas of development, I would prefer not to work under Kevin at this stage i.e. before professional development. Instead of being a team leader and high level manager, he has opted to work as team member lacking ideas of development. I could make a role model even the person working under me, but select a boss who provides enough space to take risks adopting new skills and gain experience. Communicating effectively in terms of macro affairs is the basic task of top management, which otherwise would cause confusion and chaos.

B- Concluding Questions

1. In order to create a vision it is important not just to consult the higher management rather workers at lower and staff level should also be discussed[Rob12]. They could also come up with bright ideas, goals and objectives which can be made a part of the organization’s vision. In order to communicate the formulated vision statement, it must be ensured that every single employee in the organization has totally understood its value from the scratch. it’s not just remembering it but driving the right meaning of the statement.

2. Those whom Kevin followed regarding the development program played a very important role in his development as a leader. Any development program is a gradual process, and self development in terms of communication requires time and phases. Although the coach mentored Kevin in terms of vision creation and communication, but the ones to practically analyse him were his colleagues. Without their honest opinion, it was not possible for Kevin adjusts his development strategy.

3. After the first development phase of the development program Kevin has improved considerably, however, there is still more room left in other aspects. Kevin needs to become a team leader and make them members work as per their allotted tasks. He must also learn to evaluate different opportunities and avail the most profitable ones. He also must learn to evaluate and mitigate risks and avail the prospect lying in that risk. All this needs time and development and the results cannot be assured beforehand. So I would not suggest Kevin for the post of CEO this early.

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