Health questions.

An abstract is required. Effects of Elderly Population on Future Society One of the effects of elderly population on future society is that it may lead to high dependency ratio of the elderly to young populations. That is, the rate at, which the elderly rely on support from the young populations, may increase. Moreover, owing to the fact that the elderly populations are less energetic and cannot participate actively in economic development, there may be incidences of slow economic growth in the case that their populations increase.

Importance of Slowing Population Growth on the Environment

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Health questions.
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Slowing global population growth is important in the sense that it creates a scenario where human population does not supersede the carrying capacity of the earth, through reduction of over-exploitation of natural resources.

Important Factors of Self Care

Possession of sufficient knowledge among the persons charged with the responsibility of providing self care is of great importance. Specifically, this knowledge includes knowledge with regard to issues ascribed to self-care. Another important factor is proper inter-personal and communication skills in order to enhance the provision of self-care services. Consequently, consultation is an imperative factor taken into consideration when providing self-care.

Four Major Domain of CAM Practices

Alternative Medical Systems is one of the domains of CAM. these are medical systems based on practices as well as theory i.e. homeopathic medicine. Another domain of CAM is mind-body interventions that focus on enhancing the cognitive functionality in order to improve body processes. There is also Biologically-Based therapies that involve the use of herbs and medicine to improve biological functions. Manipulative Body-based Therapies are the fourth domain of the CAM practices. this domain involves processes of manipulating certain parts of the body.


E-waste is basically electronic waste materials. it is a major problem to the contemporary society owing to the fact that most of them are non-biodegradable pose challenges with regard to disposal or management.

Work Cited

Wilkinson, Ian F., David N. Darby, and Andrea Mant. “Self-Care and Self-Medication.” Medical Care 25.10 (2007): 965-978. Print.

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