Health Report Health Report NANA

 Health Report Health Report NANA is an organization mainly lobbying for the health of school-going children. They have over four hundred member organization and still welcoming more members. They get funds from well-wishers, government donations, and through its members. NANA advocates policies and programs to promote healthy eating and physical activity (CSPINET, 2015). The organizations main aim entails reducing illness, disabilities, premature deaths, and costs caused by diet-and inactivity related diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity. NANA has employed many workers who have helped in its operations both in the office and out in the field (Story, Nanney, & Schwartz, 2009).

I had an opportunity to interview one of the directors. He narrated their foremost great achievement of implementing the healthy, hunger-free kids Act. The Act remains imperative in improving and reauthorizing child nutrition programs. They were to get rid of unhealthy food and beverage in school, and other social amenities. This legislation provides more than 31 million American children who need greater access to healthy amenities. Despite some challenges, about 90% of schools have reported to meet the set food and beverages standards. NANA has improved nutrition and physical resources at CDC. Funding amplified between $2 in 1998 to $45 million in 2010. This has helped improve their services to the targeted population in the USA.

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Health Report Health Report NANA
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NANA has made great achievements and improved the lives of many, thereby reducing deaths and health related diseases amongst children. I would recommend the government to be part of the greater contribution to create room for better services. The merging organization have helped in ensuring that the preferred healthy living is met in local areas and gives back report to NANA for better servicing. Science-based nutrition guidelines for school foods have also reinforced parents’ efforts to help their children eat healthy, making NANA’s work much easier at times.


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