Healthcare reform policy and patient safety/quality.

Availing adequate safety knowledge, establishing a reporting system, and having organizational level safety systems can help arrest the situation with medical errors (Poillon, 1999, pp. 3 – 4).

The document gives me the impression that it is explaining that medical errors have serious repercussions, can be reduced, and can serve as learning points. It has underscored the fact that it is not entirely right to hold medical practitioners solely responsible for medical errors without considering the role of the completely healthcare system. The accomplishments of this document are remarkable and will continue to be relevant even in the future (Poillon, 1999, p.5).

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Healthcare reform policy and patient safety/quality.
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The document accounts that previously, improvements done on the healthcare system of the United States aimed at improving the quality of care. It is argued that an emphasis on quality has not solved the flaws of the system and several propositions have been made towards this end. These propositions include incorporating safety, efficiency, equity, patient-centeredness, timelines, and effectiveness into the system. These things would have benefits for both patients and clinicians. The document recommends that in such a system, healthcare should be guided by scientific knowledge, patients’ needs, sharing of knowledge and alliance between clinicians and patients. The laid down way on how to realize better results from the proposed healthcare system entails providing care guided by evidence, incorporating information technology, putting payment policies in tandem with quality improvement and streamlining nursing education, accreditation and licensing (Corrigan et. al., 2001, pp. 5 – 6).

This document was created to offer insight into how the healthcare system can be integrated with much more than quality.

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