Heredity & evolution | Biology homework help

“Heredity & Evolution”  We are all aware that we have inherited certain traits from our parents. How are these inherited characteristics expressed? How do evolutionary processes influence patterns of change in these characteristics? In this lesson, the mechanisms and patterns of inheritance are introduced.
   While responding to the dvd lesson, you may refer to the chapter (see attached ppt slides) as necessary. However, make sure to focus your post on the lesson content. Quote or make explicit references to what the big name commentators say in the lesson.  Remember, the dvd lesson is the main focus here and your post MUST refer to the speakers or scientists.

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Heredity & evolution | Biology homework help
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Choose any two of these topic:

a. Explain the genetic connection between phenotype & genotype discovered by Mendel in the 19th century.

b. Apply Mendelian genetics to modern concepts of inheritance & show how genes contribute to the expression of specific genotypes. Recall Steve Jones.

c. Discuss how new discoveries in genetics are contributing to our understanding of the HIV virus & how some folks exposed to HIV have been able to escape developing AIDS.


Please see the attchment

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