Heriot-Watt Programme Mandate

 Moving into the twenty-first century Heriot-Watt developed Focus on the Future: Heriot-Watt University, 2008 a policy document to guide the institution’s future development. Its overall goal is made clear in the introduction to the document, “Our vision for the next decade is to become a world-leading university – a university which will produce the next generation of global leaders in business and technology.”

The following programme mandate document outlines a program that is directed towards meeting those goals in the framework of the energy sector. Of necessity, considering the global business environment and the inherent nature of the energy industry, there is considerable emphasis placed on environmental issues. Regardless, this is an energy programme mandate proposal first and foremost. Its adoption would address pressing needs in the energy sector in emerging technologies while also recognizing the political and philosophical framework that the energy sector operates within. This means that the proposed programme will appeal to partners in the industry, potential academic and institutional partners, and students considering Heriot-Watt who are interested in a cutting-edge program in terms of technology and the wider social environment that they will be practising their chosen discipline in.

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 Heriot-Watt Programme Mandate
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Therefore, it will contribute to Heriot-Watts intention to remain a leader in technological and scientific research and also attract students, meeting the goal of “growing our academic base by 50% in ten years.” Furthermore, the Ethical Energy Programme will enhance the reputation of the university and offer its students a broader-based understanding of energy issues than traditional programmes.

First, the programme components will be presented in two sections. The hard components of the programme are the actual directions that research will take in scientific and technological avenues.

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