Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Use of eBooks in the Educational Process at Schools and Colleges.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Use of eBooks in the Educational Process at Schools and Colleges. This technological transition has seen the emergence of the E-books which is a system in which an entire book is stored in a soft copy. They have to be stored in a computer and can be accessed at any time through the internet. The devices used to access the e-books are referred to as the e-readers. The use of e-books has earned global fame since it is accessible through the internet which has transformed the world into a global village. The emergence of this form of technology has been so rampant in the market to the extent that those companies dealing in books and ignored its usage have found it hard to survive in the markets. (Matthews 54) Borders Books in the United States of America is a perfect example of the importance of the use of e-books. The company went out of business because electronically sensitive companies emerged. These companies, Amazon and E bay forced them out of business. Amazon’s operations are centered on the Linux operating system. This has enabled the corporation handle the wide customer base. Another advantage of technology in business is that it has ensured the security of customers and the company since information is well secured. E-commerce strategies used by modern companies has enabled customers transact regionally, internationally or even globally. The usage of e-books has even grown further across the globe thanks to its ‘question and answer sections’ which users find very sufficient as they are able extract the information they need without searching for too long. Most e-books are designed in a PDF format since it is the most common format across the globe. This drive is aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible across the world are able to access the e-books. The future of e-books look promising due to the overwhelming reception it has received globally. The existence of search engines such as the one availed by Google also contribute significantly to the growth of e-books as they enable people to find the e-books of their choice from the internet with much ease. Competition among the firms dealing in e-books also ensures its continuity as new products keep emerging by the day. E-books can be read from the internet or be downloaded to be read later. The use of e-books has also been boosted a great deal through their endorsement by prominent personnel in the society. These persons are known to greatly influence the tastes and preferences of many in a society. For instance, Oprah Winfrey once claimed that the emergence of the e-books was her most favorite form of invention as it enabled her to become a good reader which she said she was not before. This virtually convinced people that this was a great form of invention and many gave it a try. (Swedberg 112) The emergence of every form of invention has always come with its merits and demerits and e-books is not an exception. However good or productive an invention may be, it always comes with its negative side effects even if it is of the slightest magnitude. E-books are however observed to bring with them more advantages than disadvantages. Some of the advantages of e-books include: e-books come in various forms such: written form, image form, audio form and video. This gives e-books an edge over the hard copy books as those users who do not fancy reading can opt to use the video or audio forms of e-books.

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Use of eBooks in the Educational Process at Schools and Colleges.
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