Higher Education Issues in England.

 The students manage their schedules of schoolwork, employment, extra activities, and personal lives, they must learn about time planning, goal setting, and effective work strategies. A number of professionals at employment and student service offices are often available to help students learn about the most effective time-management and study strategies. As students continue through their education, they must learn to cope with both academic successes and challenges (Lindsay Paterson, 2005). They must deal with individuals, who they may not get along with, and they must learn to cope with subjects and classes, which seem difficult and they do not like. Facing these challenges in a university or college prepares the student for coping with challenges outside of school. In England, within the higher education system, the professional training is in direct in areas such as physics, computer science, medicine, engineering and other technical fields, some of them carried out in institutions of higher level.

The system provides for the operation of English universities organized under the departmental system and institutions organized on the basis of schools. From an academic point of view, universities operate no more than 6000 to 8000 students in total, whose growth is gradual, allowing maintain a student/teacher for not more than 1/10 or 1/12. The dedication of teachers and students is full time and is based on a very narrow coexistence, both academic and social, as well as an ongoing process of sharing experiences, advice and council (Galvin, 1996). All students are sponsored, by paying the university a lump sum of 390 pounds annually. It included accommodation, food, buying books and incidentals.

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Moreover, government finance to all universities by about more than 75% of its total budget.

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