Highway Engineering.

I will pay for the following article Highway Engineering. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. At the same time, virtually all engineering projects have a timeline under which they should be operational on which if exceeded it is not appropriate (Mannering, Fred &Scott, 314).

Middletown road Route 352 pavement analysis and design examine the Growth Rate, Calculation, and determination of the volume of traffic, ESAL, Reliability, Standard Deviation, Pi & Pt, Asphalt base, granular base, and subcase. The pavement width is 12ft

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According to Delaware annual average daily traffic (ADT) on latitude and longitude 39.915366, -75.424780 of the middle town road route 352, then there is an annual average daily traffic of 16000 as indicated on the map (Wright, Karen & Michael,342).

Middletown route 352 has the proposal for the pavement structure and type B Pavement. It thus shares the characteristics of a medium to high volumes road structure. It has a twenty-year design of ESAL criteria exposing 100,000 to 20,000,000 units in the provided period. The proposed route design should have 75 to 150 mm typical asphalt concrete thickness (Wright, Karen & Michael,342).

Fig on Cross-sections of a typical pavement structure. The provided structure of layer thickness depends on the design EASLs and groundwork conditions. Normally, the gravel roads apply the use of the high enhanced fines surfacing aggregate (SS 202) in the section of the running surface. This process is majorly applicable if there is no graded aggregate seal coat applied.

According to (Nicholas &Lester, 235), the asphalt base region requires an application of a mix of hot mix and graded aggregate seal coats. The proposed pavement and road design would have sandwiched asphalt pavement layers. The design and constructions take into care the prevention of future drainage problems that emanate from trapping water in between the layers that can prompt acceleration of the structural destruction of the asphalt pavement stratum. This process causes heaving and reduces the structural strength of the road passage (Nicholas &Lester, 45).

The selection of the Granular Sub-Base (SGSB) takes into consideration that its material typically entails a 75mm in the absence of sand and gravel mixture. This material is either processed through screening or even crushing before drawing directly from an appropriate aggregate collection. Point.

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