Historical Context of Sustainability.

I will pay for the following article Historical Context of Sustainability. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The exploitation of limestone has had numerous impacts on human and animal welfare that live close to the mines due to its environmental impact. The processing and manufacture of industrial products using limestone consume water and energy and this has caused massive worries due to the declining water levels in different parts of the globe. Environmental influences during the exploration remain the major concern that affects the continued mining of limestone. The mining process affects the earth’s surface and creates gaping holes, which are an eyesore and degrade the environment (Naja, Rivero, Davis & Lent, 2011).

Limestone is a useful mineral resource that supports various parts of the economy including construction, manufacturing, and health. As a result, a number of environmental impacts of limestone quarrying must be addressed before the economic activity can be continued. However, the mineral has numerous applications in the modern world, the impacts it has on human welfare and health and the level of energy consumption it takes during exploration affects its continued use. The discovery of limestone deposits in a certain location marks the beginning of a long episode in the life of the locals.

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Pollution is considered the main deterrent that makes such a place inhabitable and risky for human settlement at any given point. The bags of dust occupy the atmosphere, making the air unsafe for living organisms around the area where limestone quarrying is undertaken (Brune, 2010).

Limestone produces highly alkaline and reactive bags of dust which can cause numerous skin cancers and lung complications to humans and animals around the area where quarrying is conducted. Consequentially, respiratory diseases are common among a human population that inhabits areas where open site quarrying of limestone is conducted.&nbsp.

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