History of computers from early machines to net-books.

The paper thoroughly discusses the complete history of computers. It looks into its advancement through decades, especially those enhancements of the technology, which were kept secret for decades.

Charles Babbage is known as the father of the computer. He was the man who designed the first computer in the form of different engines. There were two different engines in his possession. One was called the Analytical engine. The combination of these two engines is also known as the Babbage engines. Unfortunately, Charles Babbage could not witness the completion of his invented machines in his life but the process continued for many decades. Due to the preservation of the computer design by Charles Babbage, the process of development kept on going without any hurdles (Campbell, Aspray, p.45).

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 History of computers from early machines to net-books.
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It should be noted that the first computer engine bears very little resemblance with the present computers but they provided the basic grounds for the development of many more technologies and played a key role in finding the right path of enhancement. The basic grounds include the concepts of the separate storage area for processing, the way of inputting and outputting data and the logical infrastructure inside the computer.

Among other mechanical machines are the Tabulating machines. This tabulating machine was used by the United States of America to handle the bulk of data during the census of 1890. In the census approx 62 million American’s data was processed through this machine. One name also comes under the category of the mechanical computers but it was the first mechanical cum electrical machine. The machine was binary computer Konrad Zuse’s Z 1. It was built in 1938. Z 1 opened many doors for further development (Chappman, 2010).

These types of machines usually worked with vacuum tubes. These vacuum tubes or relay can also work as the switches. Some Electro-mechanical machines were completely mechanical from inside but these machines utilized electric motors for their power requirement.&nbsp.

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