History of voice coil of a speaker

History of Voice Coil of a Speaker History of Voice Coil of a Speaker Introduction The 19th and 20th centuries have seen great transformation in the development of innovative and creative ideas. The major catalysts for such ideas include. appearance of empirical science, advanced computing, evolution of knowledge economy, short life for products and universal education. Innovation is the development of original solutions that are geared towards meeting the needs of the consumers and new market demands. An innovation can be said to be an idea or practice that is apparently new that has produced by an individual or an organization. One such innovation is the voice coil, which is used in the speakers. A voice coil in a speaker is the loop of a wire connected to the top side of a loudspeaker conduit. Its main function is to give the motive force to the conduit by use of magnetic field created by current passing through it. The common loudspeaker that is currently in use was developed in the 1920s and uses a magnetic force to move a coil that is attached to a diaphragm.

Information passing capabilities of a system through a magnetic-core, memory circuits and peripheral magnetic storage and retrieval devices was a challenge that faced traditional scientists. Although the history of voice coil technologies is particularly complex and tumultuous. Voice coil has been made in linear and rotary designs, but the rotary design has become the dominant design because it requires less space (Kamm, 1996). A much less expensive mechanism is a stepper motor, in which a shaft rotates in discrete steps to new positions in response to changes in the surrounding magnetic field. The functioning of the voice coil and related associates is closely related to the history of magnetism. It is recorded that around 1820’s a scientist, Hans Christian, demonstrated that magnetism was linked to electric current through the use of a wire carrying an electric current close to a magnetic field. This caused a deflection of the compass needle, which was being used at the time of the experiment (Schilders, Vorst, & Rommes, 2008). It is important to note that current flows causes the emergence of a magnetic field in the neighboring field.

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The history of voice coil indicates how abstract scientists ideas of this device has been ongoing since the invention of magnetism. Before any concrete advances could be made utilizing magnetism, scientists needed new tools and techniques that could be used to hear sound from a speaker (Brauer, 2006). One of the challenge was an inability to construct novel experimental materials with the desired degree of control and accuracy. The desire to construct and study magnetism and sound made them think of having a voice coil to help in turning sound waves and magnetism into a concept where sound could be heard externally.


Over the last one hundred years, research laboratory is credited with countless groundbreaking innovations such as the transistor, the laser, stereophonic, voice coil and motion picture sound, cellular telephones, and related solutions. Innovation has played a major role in revolution within the electronics sector. As a result, people are able to communicate faster and use better electronic devices compared to the 17th century. In every cycle of disruptive innovation, new ideas are born, leading companies are ousted by newer companies while the consumers get improved products. Fusing information technologies facilitates creation of new ways of production, restructuring and reforming of the subsisting ones and changing the way companies compete.


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