History questions | English homework help

*Do your own work. 

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History questions | English homework help
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*Do not consult outside sources.  You must read and analyze the documents.  There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to the questions.  I must be able to tell that you read the documents and gave thoughtful consideration to your answers. 

Answer the questions in a Word Document.  Your answers must be in complete sentences.  Some answers will require more information than others.  One sentence answers are NOT ENOUGH.  You need to show me that you read the documents and have addressed all of the issues I ask you to cover. 

You must submit your assignment through Turnitin, or I will not grade it. 

Read the documents posted in the link above:

Two Speeches by Mary Elizabeth Lease

Omaha Platform

Every Man a King, Huey Long

These documents come from 2 different time periods, the 1890s and the 1930s. I want you to think about what the similarities and differences were between what the farmer centered Populist Movement of the 1890s and the efforts by Huey Long and his supporters during the Great Depression of the 1930s.


Two Speeches by Mary Elizabeth Lease

  1. Who/what does Lease identify as the main enemy of the people? Why does she blame them?
  2. What does she say about overproduction of farm goods? Who does she blame for overproduction?
  3. Lease compares farmers to slaves in both passages. What does she say, and do you think this is an accurate comparison? Why/why not?
  4. What role did women play in the Farmer’s Alliance movement?

Omaha Platform

  1. How are working men portrayed in the “platform?” Who are their enemies?
  2. Why do the Populists think silver is better than gold as a monetary system for the US?

“Every Man a King”

  1. Who does Long identify as the cause of most of the problems in the country? Why?
  2. He talks about inherited wealth, but why do you think he does not talk about people who worked hard and became wealthy?
  3. What would he like every family to have in America? Why?
  4. What is Long’s solution to the problems he has identified?

Comparing the documents:

  1. What are some of the similarities between the Lease/Omaha documents of the 1890s and Long in the 1930s?
  2. What are the main differences?
  3. Do you think that Long would have been a Populist if he was an adult in the 1890s? Why or why not?
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