Homeland security intelligence case study

Choose a case study that documents Homeland Security intelligence. It cannot be the same case study you used in your Module 2 Critical Thinking assignment. However, it can be one that was discussed in the text and/or the course. Once you have an approved topic you will complete an analysis of the case study using Lowenthal’s intelligence cycle. Your analysis must be supported with a minimum of seven scholarly sources.

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Homeland security intelligence case study
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Project Preliminary Deliverables:

Week 2: Submit your chosen case study for approval by the instructor. In one or two sentences identify the chosen case study and explain why you chose this specific case. Upload your explanation to the Week 2 Assignments page. USA PATRIOT ACT

Project Final Requirements:

Week 8: Submit your completed case study analysis including the following items:

  1. A description of the case and what occurred in detail
  2. An examination of the case in depth that utilizes the seven-step approach to the intelligence cycle. Each step within this process should be a heading in your paper, with the Feedback section including information for how the intelligence was used to secure the homeland.
  3. A response to the following questions:
    • What challenges were faced?
    • Do you think these same challenges would have occurred if this case occurred 50 years prior?
  4. An incorporation of the role of counterintelligence, counterterrorism, covert action, and critical infrastructure as they pertain to your chosen case.

Remember, your analysis must be supported with a minimum of seven scholarly resources (e.g., academic journals and academic textbooks) to carry out your research for this paper. As expressed previously, Wikipedia and CliffsNotes are unacceptable resources, as are blogs, newspaper articles, and editorials.

Your eight- to 10-page paper should be formatted  and  be in APA Format – Times New Roman size 12 font, Double Space Entire Document including reference page.

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