How God Has Rejected His People. 

 How God Has Rejected His People. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Despite suffering the tortures, Christians at Rome matured and became bold and stronger in the faith. God in his wisdom could see the miseries and struggles of people of Rome and knew that they would really appreciate good counseling. He sent them heavenly manna showered through the pen of Paul (Roetzel 1999). Paul’s letter to the Church at Rome (Church mostly constituted by Gentile population likely founded by Paul himself) was in AD 58 prior to his trip to Jerusalem in order to distribute the alms given to be delivered to the poor over there. He had planned to visit Rome followed by Spain (Romans 15: 24). This epistle was intended to prepare the way for Paul’s visit to Christians at Rome in order to give necessary counsel to the idolatrous, backsliding, unbelieving population there (Hooker 2003). The formal nature of this epistle announces its significance and appropriateness. The book of Romans proclaimed the theory of justification by faith. Paul introduces the approach and concept of sinners receiving the experience of salvation, through the grace acquired through faith in Christ Jesus, irrespective of their physical, spiritual and racial background. God is merciful unto all. Paul opens his heart through this epistle affirming that he is a bondservant of Jesus Christ.

Johannes Munck in his book, Paul and the Salvation of Mankind, tries to explore Paul’s position and attitude in the light of his missionary works. He watches Paul right from his calling at Damascus. The experience of Paul regarding the heavenly call was found similar to that experienced by Jeremiah and Servant of II Isaiah (a similar call bringing salvation to Gentiles). The kingdom of God is waiting for the fulfillment of the proclamation of the gospel to Gentiles. The point of completion of the quota of Gentiles is a crucial factor in redemptive history as given in the book.

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 How God Has Rejected His People. 
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