How Group Dynamics are applied across a Variety of Groups and Settings

How Group Dynamics are applied across a Variety of Groups and Settings. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.  Asses How Group Dynamics are applied across a Variety of Groups and Settings Introduction The Jed Foundation devotes itself in assisting people with mental health complications that may lead to them taking risky steps in their lives to control themselves and overcome their mental stress, distress, anxiety, as well as despair. People lose hope and faith all the time. This is very dangerous as it may lead to tem wanting to take their own lives by committing suicide as is the case with numerous university students. Consequently, this paper explores different groups approaches that the Jed Foundation applies in assisting students, parents and campus professionals deal with suicide threats within universities.


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How Group Dynamics are applied across a Variety of Groups and Settings
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1. According to Jade Foundation, Suicide comes second among the leading causes of death among students attending universities and colleges

2. As such, an occurrence of a suicide within the campus puts the others at a precarious and tragic position, especially for those already running the risk of suicidal behavior. This increases their risk of self-harm after they hear about a suicide death within the institution.

3. The foundation suggests a number of strategies critical in reducing the risk of self-harm. On the other hand, it equally outlines a number of factors that might increase such risks within the institution, thereby putting the reaction of the school of vital importance.

4. The foundation provides a Postvention Guide, a professional guideline that offers a number of suggestions on the best practices imperative in facilitating the grieving process of embattled students, as well as promoting the adjustment process.

5. The Postvention Guide equally offers strategies of reducing the risks associated with negative behaviors, such as suicide, as well as limiting the risks of further suicides through contagion.

6. As such, this guideline provides definition of specific consideration and planning areas, such as clinical interventions, communication with the media, faculty, family and students, as well as strategic planning.


1. Parents play a critical role in providing guidance and support to college students in order for them to be strong and as such, avoid the risks of self-harm such as suicide.

2. The foundation provides a variety of mentorship programs for parents through information and perception on how best a parent can recognize the signs for potential mental health complications. This will enable the parent to take immediate action and assist his or her child by finding him or her the necessary support and treatment for abating the complication

3. A list of some of these programs include Jed and Clinton Health Matters Campus Program, Half of Us, CampusMHAP, JedCampus, Help a Friend in Need, Love is Louder, Parents Online Tools and Advice, Mental Health & Wellness on Campus: A Town Hall Without Walls, Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award, and The “Bully” Discussion and Action Guide for Parents.

Campus Professionals

1. Campus professionals equally play an imperative role in guiding students in a righteous manner in order to avoid self-harm risks. As such, Jed Foundation equally has different programs that guide campus professionals in recognizing problematic mental health issues among students and providing them with the necessary assistance, as well as treatment.

2. This program relies on a comprehensive public health approach aimed at preventing suicides whilst promoting mental health and well-being, such as “The Bubble-Chart Program”.


The Jed Foundation. Retrieved from https://www.jedfoundation.

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