How has Medical Marijuana Affected the Economy of the United States.

The UN report of 2004 shows that approximately 4% of the world’s adult consumes Marijuana annually which is still rising with every passing day.

In the year 2002, a medical review claimed that Marijuana has a great potential for curing different problems like inflammatory bowel diseases, migraine, glaucoma, asthma, colorectal cancer, depression, Hepatitis C and many more. Keeping its positive values in mind, there is a great pressure on the government of U.S. to legalize it thoroughly as there would be another positive effect on the U.S economy. After coming up with a fact that marijuana is as productive as any other drug, then a question arises that why not to legalize it for medical purposes which would also support U.S economy in two different ways:

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How has Medical Marijuana Affected the Economy of the United States.
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There is a growing concern in U.S that Marijuana should be made legal to avoid double standards among people who are earning through illegal means and prove to be unemployed and avail every possible facility that is provided by the government. Around 17 states have a legal circulation of marijuana for different medical purposes and it is widely used for life-threatening diseases. Later in this report, a thorough study is given to unveil that how medical marijuana positively affected the U.S economy and states with legalizes medical marijuana to realize significant benefits.

Legal is a term referred to the permission granted by the government to do any particular practice under rules of law of a country. In this context, the trade or harvest of marijuana should be made legal for medical purposes. A rule of law should be designed to carry out such practices within the directed parameters. This would keep people and their records straight for further options.

Criminal gangs are sweeping away all the profit by providing Marijuana to their leaders, criminals or gangsters. If legalized, the U.S economy could take advantage of manipulating profits over Marijuana.


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