How to Avoid a Stress

Having said that one must understand that it is basically not easy to have management between a demanding job and taming children, not to forget the successful completion of household responsibilities as well. When one speaks to his colleagues or neighbors about the same, the result is that nearly everyone is passing through the same phase, it is just a matter of how much pressure and stress a particular individual can take, at a particular moment of time.

Especially true is the fact that spending money has become the sole criterion for success and achievement in modern times. For a number of people, the rat race for acquiring money and material possessions is a symbol of success that they have achieved and it given more importance by the society in which we live in that aims to signify people by the standards as laid down by material possessions and the amount of money that one has. This rat race brings with it heaps of stress and tension and anxious living conditions are a manifestation of what can bring a person down every now and then. This kind of intensity was studied by a number of different research studies which stated that stress forms up as the most basic cause of nearly 80 per cent of all human illnesses – which accounts for a huge statement if not a huge figure so to speak.

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One must understand that stress and anxiety are in all essence mental problems and that they develop as the mind chases as&nbsp.well as consistently circles around the same set of problems and concerns which could be of a common nature but in entirety keep coming back and forth until these are able to push all the remaining thoughts and create a niche in the form of a worry. What this does to the said person is to make him edgy and nervous and he starts getting hunches every now and then so much so that it becomes a part of his personality all said and done. A number of factors contribute to the said condition which includes the genetics, brain biochemistry, strenuous circumstances and routines and learned behavior to state a few.&nbsp.

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