How to Build the Individual Development Plan.

Write 5 pages with APA style on How to Build the Individual Development Plan. I was the president of my high school’s student body for two semesters and I was also president of UNICEF De Anza in 2011. These experiences have taught me many important lessons that have helped me to become a better leader. However, after taking this organization class, I realize there are many things that I would not have learned if I did not register for this course.

Throughout this course, I have learned many different types of leadership and how to approach someone based on their leadership style. In this class, I learned that leadership styles are both theoretical and practical. This course gave me a lot of insight to consider and apply to my life. The weekly research on DR, class lectures, and textbook and group research projects have improved my ability as a leader. At the end of this semester, I can reflect on three of the most valuable aspects of becoming a good leader in society. The skills that can help me to face future leadership obstacles are from chapter seven, and they are directive leadership, supportive leadership, and participative leadership (Northouse 139). I believe that leaders who can combine all of these skills can help their teams to become achievement-oriented teams.

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How to Build the Individual Development Plan.
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The first aspect that I have learned about is becoming a leader with a clear vision and forming a mission for the team’s direction. Leaders should have directive skills in order to set the standard performance of the team, rules, regulations, laws, and team culture in order to pursue the corporation’s dreams (Northouse 139). With a directive style, leaders are expected to be very clear about the purpose of the team in order to reach success. This will help all of the employees focus more on the goal because everything has been set clear.

I learned all this by listening intently to the lectures and watching Professor Milter’s teaching styles.&nbsp.

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