Hpr205 week 1 assignment | Biology homework help


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Hpr205 week 1 assignment | Biology homework help
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Submission Instructions

Please complete your answers to the lab questions on this form. Please complete your answers, and SAVE the file in a location which you will be able to find again. Then, attach and submit the completed form to the Week 1 Laboratory dropbox in the Ashford University classroom. 

Result Tables

Table 4: Respiratory and Heart Rates per Condition


Participant Condition

Respiratory Rate (Breaths/Minutes)

Heart Rate (Beats/Minute)







Post-Lab Questions

1. Is your data quantitative or qualitative? How do you know?

2. What type of graph would you use to represent the data from Table 4?

3. Does the data support your hypothesis from Step 1? Why or why not?

4. What is the independent variable in this experiment? What is the dependent variable?


1. What other variables could be tested in this experimental set up?

2. Use the following template to complete a lab report as described in the introduction.

Table: Lab Report


Lab Report Section









Materials and Methods









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