Human Resource Plan.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The shares of the company are traded in the New York stock exchange, and that of Hong Kong. These shares are also traded in London, and Shanghai. Sinopec Group is believed to be the fifth largest company in the world, and this is in relation to the revenues the company manages to get (Wu, 26). In a survey conducted in 2007 by Forbes magazine, Sinopec Group was ranked as the best company in China.

This is when the company was compared with some 500 companies operating in China. This company is also the largest oil refiner in the continent of Asia, and for purposes of improving its refinery capabilities. Sinopec acquired Shengli Petroleum in 2006 (Wu, 27). This company had oil filed as its main asset. This was beneficial to Sinopec because it could get some sources of crude oil for refinery purposes.

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The products and services of Sinopec includes gas and oil exploration, marketing, refinery, sales and production of petrochemical products, chemical fertilizers and fibers. Other services include transportation and storage of crude oil, petrochemicals, refined oil products, and other petro-related chemical products (Wu, 29).

Sinopec Company is a very large organization, and on this basis, it needs an elaborate human resource plan. This human resource plan can guide the company into recruiting the best human resource personnel for the various positions it has to offer (Herholdt, 19). It is important to denote that without a human resource plan, chances are high that the organization will not be able to meet its objectives and mission. This is because chances are high that the organization may recruit human resource personnel who are not skillful enough for the various positions that are offered by the organization (Kanbur, 27). On this note, the objective of the human resource plan is to guide the management on how to recruit talented and highly qualified personnel for the various positions it has.

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