Human resource problems

Human resource problems – Google Google one of the top 5 web search engines that provide searching options through blogs, catalogs, videos, news items and more. It has a quite a number of the employees worldwide who are behind what makes Google company running, of whom their method of being recruited and job performance falls under the category of Google human resources. The Google Human resource team face a few problems of managing their personnel, through this text some of the challenges they face will be identified and the remedy to it being discussed.

Given that Google Company was trying to find ways to improve its workforce performance this could be effective through smart hiring, Google has to investigate how to improve managers. Improper hiring may lead to everything that will follow to be less fine. They should seek for a way to recruit the best candidates. Going to the data to find the optimal number of those to interview to Identify top talent and not running them off too arduous of a recruiting process. It can be discovered that the group hiring barred too many personal preferences in the process and an algorithm reviews declined resumes to get outlined applicant and bring them back to the rotation. Also on the other hand Google should investigate the lifestyle of the candidate before recruiting them in the social media such as. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others to be sure of their public images and how they participate in them (Youndt, et al. 866).

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Human resource problems
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Since recruiting and training cost incur some of the significant costs to the corporate, it has to consider keeping the existing talent to make the system affordable route to success. Google has to do crunching of the numbers to recognize which employees are expected to leave so that they can preclude the unwanted abrasion. Through this, they could be able to improve retention by more than 35%. This will also enable the company to retain the excellent employees who have set good standards in their performance. through this the company may improve its quality of performance and even improve it as time goes by (Collins, et al. 745).

Managing the top leadership team. the most effective ways of the best leadership which most of the employees prefer is through one-on-one coaching, personalized response and interest in the employee personally has a positive impact on retention and job approval. Managers are rated two times annually by their staffers to fill the Google data machine and make certain all is well. Also, the managers could treat the employees through giving them some benefits such that wearing casual every day, health benefits, free massage and yoga, free drinks and snacks everywhere and an onsite gym to work. Some of these advantages exist in the Google Company up to date this is to motivate the employees and to make them feel that they are important to the company (Huselid, et al. 178).


It can be deduced from the text above that, Google human resource department faces problems which if they are taken seriously can be easily solved, and Google independently has noted some of the problem and has tackled on them through offering a long lasting solution. Through this, they would have confidence with their personnel that they will provide quality services to their clients and also their employees will comfortably work at the company.

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