HUMAN SERVICES POLICY ( could be social security, immigration, medicare,medicaid. Write a 250 word paper answering; Medicare-Insurance Policy Medicare-Insurance Policy Obama’s Birth-Control Policy The new Obama policy over birth control pills haselicited strong reactions from the public. Most of these reactions come from some religious groups which think the policy is not directed at the betterment of American lives (Schoenburg, 2012). This is according to the State Journal-Register on 10th February 2012.

The policy wants the catholic institutions to avoid directly providing their employees with birth-control insurance coverage. Many of the supporters of the Obama administration think that it is a fair compromise (Schoenburg, 2012). However, others do not feel the same about this policy.

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There are some pros that come with this policy. One of the advantages is that the catholic institutions are not obligated to offer medical coverage to their employees that may go against some of their beliefs (Schoenburg, 2012). Another is the thought by many that with coverage coming from medical insurance companies, unplanned pregnancies would reduce. This means that the number of cases of abortion would have been reduced.

There are also some disadvantages that come with such a policy. An example would be the avoidance of medical coverage provided by the insurance company. This will be mainly due to the bad reputation the insurance companies have over medical issues. Also, the catholic faithful do not want outside coverage other than that provided by their institutions. This could lead them to not look for insurance (Schoenburg, 2012).

The conservative view on this policy would be that it is the wrong way to go about introducing a policy. It makes other options very minimal and cannot be of much help. This is because not many people can afford medical cover offered by insurance companies. A liberal view would be to accept the implementing of such a policy by saying that it is indeed a very fair and just compromise.


Schoenburg, B. (2012). Durbin: New Obama Birth-Control Policy A Fair Compromise. Illinois: Springfield Press.

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