Ict solutions for development of ghana.

To provide the solution The Environmental Information Network (EIN) Project was implemented. The EIN Project of Ghana uses ICT to link the databases of two national environmental agencies. The database is publicly available for free use. Local and international researchers, government agencies and other environmental organizations can use its information to support decision-making, intervention strategies, and awareness campaigns about environmental protection, and they can also contribute to this knowledge pool (IICD, par. 2).

Apart from mentioned in the previous paragraph stakeholders, there are decision-makers, consultants, students, private companies and the general public (IICD, par.22), that are also influenced by the project and involved in it directly or indirectly.

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Ict solutions for development of ghana.
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Decision makers being representatives of authorities or private companies can greatly benefit from using this system and can be able to make more environmentally friendly decisions. Now, before making decision manager can access environmental data to investigate whether this activity will be environmentally safe or not.

Consultants play a very important role in making decisions as long as they are experts and their judgments are often taken as a ‘final word’. They provide recommendations for decision makers. In case these recommendations are based on mistaken information, results could be disastrous. If they have an access to the up-to-date environment they can make more well-thought decision recommendations leading to more sustainable activities.

Students are also important stakeholders. Those who are involved in programmes focused on environmental issues can use EIN data to support their diploma. In addition, now they have more up-to-date data what means that they can study with better quality and after graduation, they will not need additional training to be able to contribute on their workplace.

Private companies represent a vital part of the economy of any country.

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