Ideological Racism and Cultural Resistance

Write 1 page with APA style on Ideological Racism and Cultural Resistance. Model Minority is a stereotype mainly on Asian Americans including the Korean Americans. Asians as a whole are hardworking, bookish, productive, intelligent and harmless people. In the US 25.2% of Asian Americans of 25 years and above hold a bachelor’s degree compared to the general American population 15.5% (Hartlep, 123-189). They also have low crime rates.

Yellow Perilism was an expression used in describing color for a race mainly for Asian Americans particularly the United States. As the inassimilable alien, the Asian Americans embody for many other Americans the Yellow Peril- the threat that Asians will one day unite and conquer the world which included military invasion and foreign trade competition to white labour from Asian labour.

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Ideological Racism and Cultural Resistance
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Stereotypes of East Asian women such as Dragon Lady inspired by the actress in a comic show them as being tough, cunning or mysterious. China Doll stereotype shows Asian women as super feminine opportunistic sexual beings or gold diggers using their feminine charm (Hartlep, 123-189). Western Films and literature greatly promote this stereotype.

Image of Fu Manchu is engrossed into the American mind as a model of East Asian villain as a brutal and sly man, the devil incarnate. This is depicted with Thirteen appreciated novels written about him.

White male-Asian Female coupling view in numerous novels and movies is at best a form of beastly sodomy and at worst a satanic marriage. This shows the coupling as not permitted. Feminization of Asian American men and Asian immigrant men form their emasculated image caused by their physical appearance and doing women work s perceived by Americans. They also had long braids and wore long silk gowns. Their view as a threat barred them from doing male labor involving works.

Work Cited

Hartlep, Nicholas D. Model Minority Stereotype: Demystifying Asian American Success. Charlotte: Information Age Pub, 2013.

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