Impact of bollywod on society

Movies have been the source of entertainment from time unmemorable. This is considered as a family bonding time these days. Few enjoy watching movies at home as a family to save economy, and some people Like going to theatres as a family calling it a day to relax and having fun. In both ways movies are tools of relaxation. Is this the case or movies are tools that instigates violence, differences in societies, bring out sexual indecency in the very living room of houses?
Allegorical stories, novels and movies can cause a huge revival and Inculcate revolutionary thoughts If the correct message Is conveyed In a right fashion and with implicitly that the uneducated and educated can be enlightened alike. Allegorical movies can help tremendously to make the point across. Most of the Indian movies have some theme and moral they have to convey to the public. They bring awareness to the people what in going on in the world. Not everyone is educated and this media Is a powerful tool to bring to light things happening so that even the uneducated In a remote village knows about everything.
Some movies talk about the social justice being denied to the poor, talking about the racial and caste rejoice people face everyday in life all around the world. Some historical movies bring to life the ancient history that is slowly fading away bringing out the beauty of the culture of different civilizations of the past. There are movies that talk about the evils Like child marriages, women being abused and treated badly by the male dominating world. He corruption In the government and higher authorities, the cover up of the companies not to let the public know about the inferior quality of their products or how they pollute the environment and the autocratic nature of the landlords. There are times when there was a huge revolution happening because the public started thinking and this big screen has huge Impact on how people voted In the elections also. ?? Evils Like child sex traffic Is beautifully brought out along with the old practices and taboos of the societies that still exist in a country that talks about technology and growth.

We come to know about the murders happening because of the dowry system, how women are abused at workplace, how there are child abuse in houses that are respected in society saying Just because people live in marble houses, soonest mean they do not have same struggles Like others do. How love is treated as crime in a culture where men and women are not allowed to talk and how this evil brings a male dominant society to always have a winning shot, while women have to stay submissive even if beaten up.
How arranged marriages to strangers can cause pains and how adjustment in new place is a Herculean task and how a woman shows her strength to build her and her family with patience and love all these are shown delicately and powerfully saying being a house wife Is also a full UT how a man Juggles between his Job, and his family life and some times how his sacrifices goes unnoticed all are shown in Indian movies impregnated with morals and principles. Thus movies bring out delicate things that are happening in the lives of people in a very artistic way.
This is truth that many are fans of these heroes and heroines and every punch dialogues and message they send out becomes a Veda for the layman. Keeping this in mind if people make movies that channel these lives that look unto these artists as role models, there is sure to come a dramatic changes in their lives ND how they will face the world with goodness and positive attitudes. These movies can easily make or easily break the lives of those who are fascinated by movies and not take it as entertainment.
Some movies also bring out the evils of terrorism, how a nation should stay strong and united and how hard work is always the essence of progress. ‘Evil never wins’ is the theme in most of them. ?But it can also cause imitation of the violence and the thwarted mind can follow a movie and do the same evil to the society. What we say and what we try to convey should not drive them to take weapons but should make hem see that evil dies and those who take a weapon will die of that for sure.
Of course it would not be complete if I do not mention about some movies that are produced for commercial purposes having some sexual content to it, fascinating dream and stunt scenes adding flavor to the movie, but still the themes could definitely convey a message holding some moral lesson. Revealing body and scanty clothing does not help the confused adolescent to keep calm, every one would have felt this way at one point of time, nothing to feel ashamed of this.
But when these reportage the child to explore things, which he is not supposed to makes things more and more detrimental. It should also kept in mind, how movies are made and not include sexual content in movies that is family type ones. Unwanted double meaning dialogues and unwanted contents should be avoided no matter how much commerce it brings to the bank. I do believe if we use this powerful and double-edged tool correctly it would always be a great source of enlightenment and empowerment and many good messages can be sent to the world that would make the society a better one.

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Impact of bollywod on society
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