Implementing Wi-Fi Technology in an Industrial Environment

I will pay for the following article Implementing Wi-Fi Technology in an Industrial Environment. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The diversity of the technology and abundance of available variants makes this choice quite intricate which requires a solid cost and benefit analysis of adopting or averting a technological advancement. Hilty (2008, p.16) has described the challenge in these words, “Research on the impacts of ICT faces the problem that both the technology and the way it is shaped and used by society are changing fast. It is therefore important to identify the basic principles and mechanisms that drive this process to look for the constant factor.” Nevertheless, industries have to keep pace with the technological advancement in ICT to ensure the growth and sustainability in productions.

Secondly, the heavy reliance of industry on information technologies has called for an all times up business network infrastructure to provide guaranteed connectivity to its workforce for accessing resources. Meanwhile, in a dynamic and fast-changing industrial environment, the mobility of the workforce has grown into an important corporate necessity. Today, state-of-art ICT services are supposed to be right in place to ensure the provisioning of the needful information without any bar on time and space. The advent and adoption of wireless technologies in industrial environments have played a pivotal role in meeting the needs of information access while warranting the mobility of the workforce.

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Implementing Wi-Fi Technology in an Industrial Environment
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WiFi is an important technology in wireless communications. It has got a tremendous caliber to meet the challenges of communication faced by the industry. WiFi – the acronym for Wireless Fidelity (Schroader & Tyler, 2007, p.190) is basically designed to provide wireless connectivity to a user group within premises through a Wireless Access Point (WAP). The WiFi technology uses radio waves to communicate with devices in the surrounding. The connection, speed, compatibility, range and other communication details of WiFi technology are&nbsp.governed by IEEE standard 802.11b.&nbsp. The standard supports a wireless connection speed up to 11Mbps which trims down to 3Mbps in real-world wireless network environments.

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