According to the chart provided in the inconvenient facts project, a person’s salary is based on merit. This may sometimes be used to back up a statement that people with the biggest salaries always get more than the rest because they earned it. Regardless of race and gender, all the participants income in the data collected tend to rise with attainment in education. It is essential to realize that despite all sexes going to colleges, the men seem to have a benefit of income proportion. This is because for all people who have attended college regardless of race, the men have a higher income than that registered for the women. Statistics show that education is essential in attaining a higher income because the white male who have nine years of education or less registered lesser income than females who attained associate’s degree. This information is an exception since earlier information stated that men had higher incomes than that of the women (Jurajda). Both Black and white women improve their income by going to college. However, it is essential to realize that there is a small difference on the income whereby the income of the Black women increases at a higher margin. For this reason, the black women appear to improve their earning power through a college degree to a greater extent than the white women.

In each and every society, there are numerous discrepancies between the ideal world and the real world. These indifferences are more often than not referred to as inconvenient facts since they are pieces of evidence that often offer contradiction of what someone believed and what they always want to believe. The empirical data on the income earnings of various groups in the chart support what a lot of people believe. First, almost all income for all women is lower than that of their men. Secondly, the different races in the world have different achievements and this is predicted in the varying of the income according to different races. Lastly, the higher the education level the higher the income and this is well depicted in the data provided hence confirming that the empirical data provided in the chart on the income earnings support what a lot of people believe. However, it is essential to realize that not always do what people believe in takes the ideal course. This is because some people with the big gets salaries do not always get more just because they have earned it as it is expected by all people. As most people can confirm, education requires hard work and perseverance. Regardless of race and gender, all the educated people have good and big paychecks. For this reason, the data provided indicates that hard work and perseverance can be the key to big paycheck (Jurajda).

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Despite acquiring similar education as the males, females continue to gain lower income, as shown in the data. These gender income disparities can be explained using various sociology concepts and theories since they tend to explain the origin of gender wage gaps. Inequality in pay between male and females remain evident and can be explained by both structural and cultural basis of wage gap. Glass ceiling can be used to explain since it refers to the unseen and unreachable aspects that keep women from attaining same wages despite qualifications and achievements. Another one is the labor market segmentation that consists of different groups with little or no crossover capabilities which may result to the difference in wages between male and female. Cultural theory of devaluing and revaluing women’s work shows that all female’s wages average pay is less than men’s. The last theory t explains this is the cultural capital theory that refers to social disparities that create wage differences like education, intellect, and physical appearance. This theory tries to explain why women have lower income than men.

Work cited

Jurajda, Štěpán. Gender wage gap. New York: Centre for Economic Policy Research,

2001. Print.

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