Individual reflective journal.

Reflective Journal Martin Rich in his article s that the dissertations that are created bystudents in their educational sphere can help them learn about the practicality of the materials they are learning (Rich 58). He states that, while making dissertations, students go through the process of studying previous researches which either accept or reject the effectiveness of the practices that are being taught in classrooms. These dissertations even assist students in getting involved with institutes and organizations that are related to their field of work and they even learn about how these organizations operate. If such methods of learning are implemented by students of marketing, they can research various organizations that are currently operating and they way these organizations devise their marketing programs and how these marketing programs have assisted them in surviving competition and meeting the needs and wants of the customers in an effective manner. Dissertations can help students identify how organizations make their marketing decisions and marketing strategies and can verify the effectiveness of the strategies that are being taught to them during their marketing courses. For example: students are taught that successful marketing strategies are those in which first research about consumer demand is conducted and then the product is made to fit to the demands of the consumers. The students can research organizations that have implemented such strategies and differentiate them from those organizations that first produce the product and then conduct marketing campaigns. This differentiation will allow students to differentiate between the two strategies.

Works cited

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Individual reflective journal.
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Rich, Martin. “Embedding Reflective Practice in Undergraduate Business and Management Dissertations.” The International Journal of Management Education. 9.1 (2010): 57-66. Print.

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