Influence of information technology on business.

Attacks could pinpoint the vulnerable areas, and could also aid in mitigating them. Organisations from various sectors are incorporating solutions these tools to develop a foolproof protection system. Many reputable industry standards are also prescribing penetration testing as one of the key security exercises. Still, there is scepticism regarding genuineness of this process, as there are chances of agencies or individual testers turning negative and compromising organisations’ critical assets. To prevent such eventualities, there are adequate legal provisions. in addition organisations and security, consultants need to come up with protocols or steps, which ensure secure and safe testing.

Any organisation, irrespective of the ‘domains’ they are placed in, will be vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially the ones which are maximally dependent on Information technology. These organisations will be threatened by individuals with apt technical knowledge and other inside information. Their intentions may vary from wrecking the organisation to stealing critical assets. When this type of cybercrime occurs, the organisation could suffer heavy financial losses and more than that could have a doubtful future, as its key assets will be compromised aiding its competitors. Disgruntled employees or employees with ‘spying role’ could wreck the organisation by altering or breaking down the IT infrastructure, and also by bringing in IT tools from outside to disable it. Apart from those employees, external ‘elements’ in the form of hackers, cyber thieves, competitors’ aids, etc, could intrude or cyber attack the organisation.

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Influence of information technology on business.
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To actualize a foolproof protection system, organisations have to find out the loopholes or the vulnerable areas in its IT infrastructure.

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