Information Management and Statistics, Component A.

Write 12 pages with APA style on Information Management and Statistics, Component A. This paper discusses how chase bank manages their data so as not to hurt their dear customers in the human resources department. It also deals with how the organizations gears towards tight security for their customers’ information from online data warfare which has been growing each day. Further, it will review the ethical issues involved when there is data loss of any magnitude. In addition, this paper will evaluate the laws and the set regulations which are aimed at protecting organizations, and in particular banks, from this menace.

Electronic commerce depends entirely data and its security which emanates from how it is managed in the organization and the way customers perceive the organization as far as the issue of data security is concerned (Agnes, G.M 2004). Personal data held by chase bank is under threat from many unauthorized users and their numbers have been rising daily. Credit cards data, identity card numbers, account number as well as social security card numbers are some of the forms data which is most targeted. In this regard, the human resources department has come up with some procedures to manage data and to provide the needed security.

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 Information Management and Statistics, Component A.
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First, it is the obligation of the human resources department to ensure that only the well qualified are employed and allowed to see customer’s data. In chase bank, the human resources department uses databases in the management of data about there employees and about customers. The use of a database is an effective way of storing data about a certain aspect at once. Databases in the bank allows for instant changes in the data thus affecting the whole database and not just changing file by file. The database is administered by an expert who engineered it. he has become part of the data management team.

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