Information resource management.

Software engineering (SE) refers to the maintaining and developing software systems that perform reliably as well as efficiently. This paradigm develops systems affordable and easy to maintain, as well as satisfy all the requirements that customers want to see in the developed systems. The SDLC (systems development life cycle) the life cycle of software development is employed in systems engineering and software engineering, which is the procedure for modifying and creating systems, methods, and models. In this scenario software engineering is a concept behind the systems development life cycle for different types of software development techniques. These techniques offer a structure for planning as well as monitoring the development of an information system

a. Discuss human-computer interfaces. What was the major change from the DOS operating system to the Windows graphical user interface? What likely changes will occur to interfaces in the future? Will virtual reality be a viable means of interfacing with the computer?

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Information resource management.
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The human-computer interface is the study of communication among users and computers. It is frequently known as the intersection of behavioral sciences, computer science, design and numerous other fields of study. Interaction among users and computers happens at the user interface that contains both hardware and software. The DOS-based operating system was operational through the command based user interface that was hard to use and complex to maintain. While the development of Windows-based human-computer interfaces offered the graphical user interface (GUI) based interaction that is more interactive and easy to use. In this scenario, virtual reality offers an enhanced means for interaction with the computer that is a most advanced for the human-computer interfaces.&nbsp.

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