International Personality International Personality Oprah Winfrey 

 International Personality International Personality Oprah Winfrey can be said to be the most influential and successful woman on earth. Her successes in business and in the social life can be used to portray the notion of happiness in her life. Oprahs successes in her life, especially the television show shows a sense of well being, which can be translated into happiness. She has been also successful in being an actress. For someone who had a passion in performing arts, especially in journalism and broadcasting, one can openly conclude that Oprah is one happy woman. Having been abused in her young age as a lady, and the challenges she experienced as a young black girl in her upbringing have really contributed to the kind heart that Oprah Winfrey exhibits (Hanson, 2009).

At her talk show, Oprah Winfrey addresses very many challenges, especially social, that affect either a huge population or a selected minority. The direct effects of the show on various people can be said to be overwhelming. This is because Oprah Winfrey is surrounded by a team of in-house experts, or guest experts, in various fields who normally provide their expert advice or understanding of the issues at hand.

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International Personality International Personality Oprah Winfrey 
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According to Garson (2011), as a successful entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey has not left out the community that is needy. Her various acts of kindness has left no option but for her to be tagged as a philanthropist. She has been involved in several charity programs, as well as in the general commitment to raising the values of living for the less-fortunate in the community and the world over. Berkley and Economy (2008) say that her influence and success has impacted positively to the citizens all over the world thus making her one happy woman who is so much admired.

While reading the articles about Oprah Winfrey, they really encourage someone and despite several cultural inclinations, it encourages someone and gives them hope .They show one that success is something that is brewed and it normally comes with several responsibilities. These responsibilities are normally a way that someone uses to bless the community around them.

Freedom of Speech

This human right is not limited to any extent, as long as the right does not infringe on the people’s rights. In any liberal country, the citizens of that nation practice freedom of speech in a manner that is indulgent. This means that they can talk about sensitive issues even the ones that touch directly on the government and even the powerful people. The freedom of speech in these liberal and democratic nations cannot pause as a security threat to the ones practicing them. This type of indulgence can be witnessed in most western countries including America and the European nations. According to Krotoszynski (2006), freedom of speech is more pronounced in America because of its cultural diversity.

However, in countries that are much more restrained, freedom of speech is not actually a right. This is evident because even journalism in those countries is monitored by the regimes. Any news that touches on the government in a negative way can be tantamount to the media house and even more personally the news reporter. This is evident in countries that are in the east including China, and South Korea and most Arab nations.


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