International politics, analysis. 

Judgment at Nuremberg This is a movie that was developed from real scenes that took place in Nuremberg in German in the year 1948 (Bradley 1). The four former judges were being accused for not violating the national constitution process of that time but for murder, brutalities, torture and atrocities they committed during the third Reich (Bradley 1). What was being challenged in this case was not the national constitutional law of German at that time. the offence is pure violation of international laws as far as humanity is concerned (Bradley 1). The defendants could not have used the local constitution and claim ignorance for all decision they made against innocent people during the Nazi regime. They should have known that for monistic states, the international law that protects humanity is directly translated and incorporated into the national law and should be applicable (Bradley 1).

Moreover, the truth is that the judges should have known better and understood international law since they were already educated adults by the time Hitler was rising into power (Bradley 1). These judges during the Hitler’s regime were bounded by the love for their country. This is shown in the movie when Hitler announced that all Jews would be destroyed, they as judges who knew the law also stood down (Bradley 1). The truth of the fact is that the outcome of this military tribunal was very important. It was a test case to show that national and international law against humanity is powerful and applicable to anyone. It will send a strong message to all government officials whose work is to enforce the law to do so with international law appealing before making final verdict against the accused (Bradley 1). There was need to value for human life as a judge (Bradley 1).

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International politics, analysis. 
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According to the movie, the judges had sentenced 99 people to life imprisonment and there was not a single one who was serving the trial. This calls for the pardon granted to them by the military tribunal that had been formed to explore the crimes committed against humanity during the Hitler regime. The military tribunal was specifically formed to try top war criminals, political and military leaders of the third Reich (Bradley 1). The tribunal operated under the Control Council Law No.10 at the US Nuremberg Military tribunals (Bradley 1).

In summary at the end of the movie, judge Janning confessed after being found guilty that as Judges of the time they had no idea that mass execution would erupt as a result of their ruling (Bradley 1). He also confessed to have realized for the first time the execution underground plans when he signed an execution order of a man he personally knew to be innocent (Bradley 1).

In addition to this, there was call on the tribunal judge Haywood to be lenient on his ruling in order for US to gain German support in the ongoing cold war but the judge refused and sentenced the defendants (Bradley 1). The decision made had big influence to the security of human rights in the future (Bradley 1). Leniency would only had motivated or portrayed that even US supports and violets the international laws of humanity. The verdict was to serve as strong warning to other leaders internationally on the outcomes when humanity is undermined locally. Justice had to be served for the sake of those who suffered under the same law enforcer. This is the main objective of military tribunal.

Work Cited

Bradley, Sean. Judgment at Nuremberg. 1961. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.

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