Interview protocol asginment for communication interviewing class,

 Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Interview What does an average workweek look like for you? My average workweek I would expect it to be 8 hours per day, but based on the amount of work and the agency of work needed, I would expect sometimes to work for 12 hours per week. I understand clearly that a professional job in advertiser designer needs a very high commitment and sometimes I will be forced to work for long hours, changes might happen or even additional tasks and thus I would be ready to avail myself in case of an emergency.

What types of duties does it include?

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 Interview protocol asginment for communication interviewing class,
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My work duty needs a lot of creativity and innovativeness to attract a wide number of audience in reading the Independent. My duties as an Advertiser designer will include planning and organizing events of different words, photos and illustrations in the Independent. This must be eye catching to attract a wide audience to read the daily. I will also be involved in putting the portfolios together in the Newspaper to provide a presentable outline to the readers. Finally, I will be required to have excellent persuasive communication and social skills that will be essential in presenting a good storyline of adverts to the readers.

What other positions do you work closely with?

Other positions that I will highly associate with to produce presentable adverts to the audience include the multimedia department in providing me with better images or photos for the advertisement. The editorial staff for providing a good story storyline for the advertisements. The staff photographer is also important in advertising and will be useful in providing me with information relating to different products being put on ads. I will also be associated with type consultant to provide a credible material to the audience where he will give reasonable advice on the advertisements. The webmaster will also help me in uploading my adverts on the web, and will need to communicate with him regularly on completion of my work. Finally and most important, is the Advertising director who will have to review my work after completion before presenting to the editors, and the webmaster for publication of the material to the audience.

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

My greatest accomplishment so far, is that during my University education, I managed to qualify with an AA, which places me in a better position in the job market. I have also attended internship opportunities while in college meaning I have gained some experience in the job position. During my University life, I was the president of the journalism club and thus gained a lot in communication skills. In the club, we managed to write articles some of them have been published and recognized which was a great achievement with other club members.

Have you always known that you wanted to work for the Independent?

From when I was young, this was the company of my dreams as it has built a great history in this region. I think my dream is finally here after placing too much effort in my education to work for the Independent. The Independent has created a strong cultural value thus its great recognition in the market gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Has Independent created a strong corporate social responsibility in its reporting?

I would agree that Independent has been on the forefront in fighting for the rights of the people. The Independent covers great storylines on political and social issues affecting the people such as fracking as people fear for the future generations’ environment. The newspaper has attracted great audience for its reporting as it enables people to know their rights and understand the environments they are living in.

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