Interview with an adolescent

She made sure that I went to church regularly and she taught me never to say lies. As for my father he didn’t care about anything like that.

Puberty has not been too easy. I get quite annoyed that I do not have proper parents to take care of things because my grandparents are old and yet I have to depend a lot on them and it is very stressful.

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 Interview with an adolescent
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The interview with Michael’s dad was scheduled for another day. I asked Michael to arrange to meet with his dad at the same pond because it was quiet and peaceful here. Michael had telephoned his father and he arranged to meet us there on Saturday by 11:00 in the morning.

From this interview I learned to show restraint in dealing with a young child. I also learned to be patient, understanding and the polite and show a lot of care. Listening to Michael’s story I empathized with him because I could understand the way he felt about his parents. This project gave me a lot of interest and kindled my curiosity. It also helped me to gain experience in engaging in a case history interview. This experience has encouraged me to shed some of my own inhibitions and impatience. The theory part of the project has helped me to gain new knowledge as well as improve my analytical and problem solving skills.

Michael’s story made me realize how different parents, dealt differently with their children. In Michael’s case he had parents who were totally different not only in their outlook in life, but also in dealing with their son Michael. Michael seemed to love his mother with all his heart because she had been a kind, loving and understanding mother. But in the case of Michael’s dad he seemed to be aloof and did not seem to like him much because Michael had been a victim where he was concerned. Since Michael’s mother had passed away when he was very young, the parenting style of the father could be taken into consideration.

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