jewel store managment.

The evaluation of a person is thus a factor to consider mainly by the women hence the most active players in the jewelry game. They have endeavored to be identified with a certain brand and opinions hence the acquisition of given products and brands. Jewelry dictates social status and makes people conform to their expectations. Communication from the jewelers to the consumers is in such regard as to identify who they are and where they belong. Developing countries are bending on interpersonal relationship making the jewelry affair a crucial one worth adhering.

Since the descent and adoption of technology, stores are now available online. The rate of spread of information on the internet is high and helps in the growth of businesses. Consumer behavior on the online platform is easy to monitor and follow. The organization requires the design of a website that will represent its mission and vision. The website will have the image of the store. It should ensure appeal and bring value back for the money made use by the company in developing the site. Customers ought to receive the same service and feeling they had when visiting the physical store by now visiting the online store.

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In coming up with the design, there are issues perceived to be a hindrance to the success of the company as now. Their brand positioning strategies are not up to the task. The jewelry store is not competitively positioned in terms of branding. As such, their customer base is rather limited and not growing anymore. The outfits of the jewels, which are expensive products yet highly valued by citizens are worth the pain in coming up with brands that meet the eye and satisfy customers.

It is widely known that consumers perceive a brand based upon quality. Quality is associated with the brand name. to be of higher quality. With this idea in mind, the jewelry store did and does not put into perspective the concept of quality in its design and assortment.

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