Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant

As you requested, this report provides an analysis of the problems within Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant along with recommendations on what can be done to resolve these problems.
Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant
Jose’s is a traditional Mexican style restaurant located on the edge of a large metropolitan area in New England. The restaurant is decorated with Mexican culture from adobe walls and Spanish-Mexican furniture to mariachi background music. Customers enter through a small vestibule that opens into the dining area, which can create chaos on Friday and Saturday nights when waits are as long as 45 minutes. On top of the wait, the cook is receiving lower quality food than previously causing 12 minute prep time for meals to become 20 minutes or more.

There is beginning to be a change within the restaurant that is affecting customer reviews. Customers would like to be seated promptly, served in a reasonable amount of time, and an improved dining experience for the cost. On the weekends customers may have to wait for up to 45 minutes without having a waiting room to sit in. A comfortable and relaxing waiting room may help customers feel more invited to the restaurant and enjoy their wait. Customers not being served in a reasonable amount of time can be very frustrating. After sitting longer than expected the customers may not be as hungry anymore or may be tired of waiting for an extended period of time. Also, the issue with being served in a reasonable amount of time and believing that the dining experience was not worth the cost may result from the same issue of the quality of food being delivered.
There are multiple alternatives to the issues that Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is currently experiencing. Expanding, creating carry-out, and increasing food quality are all alternatives to fix issues within the restaurant. The most important is food quality. Food quality will enhance the time to be served and the experience for the cost. Finding another food source will make an instant and dramatic change to how the customers feel and how the employees are tipped. Overall business will increase and the other issues can be corrected as the future arrives.

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