You will prepare and submit a term paper on Journal # 2. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Weekly Journal Guidelines The journal should minimally include and be presented in the following format: Focus on activities: A of what you did that week, what was accomplished toward meeting your learning contract goals, and other factual information.

I met with my preceptor on Friday. First on our agenda was a talk about the programs she supervised and coordinates with the Health Department. She said she oversee’s 6 programs in the department. She explained that part of her responsibility as MSN/MHN and the director of these programs are to make sure there programs are being run smoothly and that all the programs provide the services within the guidelines. Some of her daily activities include weekly or alternate weekend meetings with the assistant supervisors for the programs to discuss their progress, concerns and things that need to be done to maintain the funds meant to keep these programs open in support of the people in the community. She is also involved in in hiring new staff, grant writing and policy making for these programs. During our meeting on Thursday, My preceptor shared that she just received a message from her boss and the director from the IT department asking her to inform the her department staff members not to send email with client’s names because of security issues that they were currently resolving. So she informed everyone concerned and then later during the day they collectively decided to communicate on paper with regards to anything that involved client information temporarily. Then by 2pm the IT people called to tell her it was okay to send information relate to client through email again. I fould the situation quite confusing but still managed to learn a great deal from the experience. We also discussed the project and she request that I review EPDS score for old discharge clients from the family case management program to see how the case managers follow-up with the mothers who have a high depression score. And then I could research the literature on EPDS screening and present it the staff members.

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Focus on role development: A reflection upon the MSN role your preceptor is modeling and how you see yourself transitioning to a MSN role, based on your observations. What would you do differently than your preceptor? What strengths do you observe in your preceptor that you fell you need to develop?

I observed my preceptor playing a important role as a go between for upper management and the front line managers. I noticed how she kept a neutral position in communicating with her subordinate leaders and how she dupported all the staff members as they expressed their frustrations relating to being unable to send emails with client information. Without having the experience as my preceptor has in leadership and in the department and the programs she manages , I honestly dont think I would have done anything differently.

Focus on challenges, problem solving and critical thinking: What challenges and/or barriers are you encountering when working on your project? How are you managing these and what are you learning? What are your plans to meet these challenges and move forward?

My preceptor oversees 6 different programs in the department, and she meets with each program leaders either on a weekly or alternate week basis. Random meetings are also possible depending upon any issues that need immediate discussion plus other scheduled and unscheduled administrative and board meetings. So my first challenge was to select a specific meeting day to meet with her. Last week we were debating on several topics for my project. However, this week we are able to come up with a topic that will be beneficial to the FCM program. I will be reviewing old postpartum EDPS and provide them with evidence based research on how to improve EPDS screening and follow up with the new mothers who have high scores.

Focus on project progress: Report the progress you are making on your project. You should report enough detail to keep your faculty advisor well informed.

I will be reviewing old postpartum EDPS and provide them with evidence based research on how to improve EPDS screening and follow up with the new mothers who have high scores. I will start researching on the project topic next week. But I will also wait to meet with my faculty advisor and my preceptor on 2/6/14 to discuss and finalize the project topic.

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