Judea declares war on germany. 

 Judea Declares War on Germany This article from the Daily Express is a call for the Jews all over the world to fight Germany. It is the Jews’ answer towards the atrocities committed by the Germans against them. This article exposed to the world that the various international communities of Jews are joining forces in reaction to the cruelties of the Germans. At that time, there were a number of influential Jews in the field of banking, finance, commerce and trade. These were the frontrunners of the crusade against the Germans. Trade embargoes were imposed on Germany. There was a call to boycott all German stores and products.

I view this article as two-pronged. It may be an attempt by the newspaper to enrage the Germans against the Jews because of the boycott that they are doing against German goods and services. If the Germans read this article at that time, they will surely be up in arms against the Jews because of their claim that the Germans are persecuting them. They may view this as an all out propaganda against the Germans. If people around the world get hold of the article, then they will perceive the Germans as “evil” people because that is how they are being portrayed by the Jews.

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Judea declares war on germany. 
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The other side of this article is that it was also trying to provoke all Jews around the world to unite against the Germans. Although, there was little or no mention of the Germans’ atrocities against the Jews, it portrayed how the international community is in support of the war against the Germans. It seemed that the article was trying to get the sympathy of all nationalities around the world to fight the Germans.

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