Task Junction A roundabout refers to a type of circular intersection, which allows road traffic to flow continuously in one directionaround a central land mass. It is imperative to note that, the modern forms of the roundabout was standardised in the UK. This essay seeks to defend the choice of the roundabout over the T-junction or Light Controlled Junctions in our project (Thomas, 2007).

As a point of departure, the roundabout junction provides a simple pedestrian visual since the traffic comes from one direction unlike the traffic and T-junctions, which involves numerous movements from diverse directions. We focused on the roundabout junction in our project because it is easy to understand compared to the traffic and T-junctions (Thomas, 2007). For instance, the roundabout junctions allow for slow movement of traffic, which facilitates the visual engagement of the pedestrians. On the other hand, the movement of traffic on the traffic and T- junctions is too fast that the pedestrians cannot comprehend the movements and respective directions.

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The other aspect that characterizes the simplicity of the roundabout over the traffic and T-junctions is attributed to the ability to allow the U-turn within a normal traffic flow. The other forms of junctions do not allow this kind of turns, which are fundamental for any driver. The choice of the roundabout is beneficial because it provides in-depth information on the required guidelines to be observed before making the U-turns (Thomas, 2007).

In conclusion, this study considered the roundabout over the traffic and T-junctions because the modern are a common phenomenon across the world, particularly in Belgium, china, Iceland, Qatar, Israel, Ireland, Costa Rica, Australia, Morocco among many other nations. This provides immense supporting evidence to our study.

Work cited

Kielinger, Thomas. Crossroads and Roundabouts: Junctions in German-British Relations. Bonn, Germany: Bouvier, 2007. Print.

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