K. Marx Conflict Theory.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: K. Marx Conflict Theory. Such decisions trigger inequality in humanity and resentment from persons who are excluded from the decision making process. The disparity of this decision-making and power allocation enables the fortunate to enforce their&nbsp.will on the less fortunate (Johnson, 2008, p.50).

Karl Max was born in Germany in the 19th century where he studied and graduated with a degree in law and philosophy. Many scholars term him as the father of philosophy, a great social scientist a revolutionary as well as a historian. Back then, Marx was very popular with his ‘anti-bourgeois sentiment’, a factor that made him not believe in the German education system, thus changing his career to journalism. In the same period, Marx developed what is currently known as conflict theory, a theory that looks at how social interactions through conflict. Conflict theory starts with the notion that the two main groups of people in any society are the wealthy and the poor (Turner, 2001, p.79). The theory also explains the consequences that arise when one group attempts to rebel against the other group and the various roles a group of people (or one person) has over another group of people. In general, the theory is about the social control that the rich have over the masses or the general population. Also, the theory portrays Marx’s belief that one society or organization only functions to try and better their social situation, which usually results in some type of social upheaval (Vito and Maahs, 2012, p.101).

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Marx is popular for studying conflicts that arise between various classes though his focus was on two main classes, namely the proletarians (working class who were usually poor) and the bourgeoisie (middle class/employers whom he associates with wealth). He argued that the gap between class structures continued to widen as the industrial&nbsp.revolution flourished in society.

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